Honglitronic Organized Large Fire Drills
- Aug 29, 2015 -

In the morning of July 3rd, with the air defense alarm sounded, honglitronic officially started 2015 fire drill.

Honglitronic fire drill is held every year. When the air defense alarm sounded, all employees were unflappable,quickly stopping the work aboard the hand, escaping from the workshop and office building orderly. In a few minutes, more than 1000 people have been moved to the ground. At the same time, the company's firefighters extinguished the flames and first-aid personnel bandaged up a wound for the injured, and then three fire engines and one ambulance rushed to extinguish the fire and rescue workers.

The people in charge of the fire drill said, from the overall effect, every part of the drill are carried out smoothly and successfully, achieving the desired effect.

The following is the wonderful pictures of the fire drill.