German Company Invented The Dancing LED Traffic Light
- Aug 29, 2015 -

Waiting the red light is undoubtedly a suffering thing, so there are many people run the red light. Recently, the German company BBDO engages in a very interesting concept with Smart company jointly, this concept is called The Dancing Traffic Light. It makes the original rigid red villain alive suddenly, and dancing in front of you constantly, when you watch the dancing, tens of seconds passed unknowingly.

Some people may ask: If it is always the same dancing, everyone will look tired soon, right? Actually not, the highlight of the concept is – in fact, the dancing is by real person.

There is motion capture room not far from this LED traffic light, anyone can go in and show their dance in front of the sensor, the red light villain will reflect dancersmovements, also dancers can observe the audiences reactions through camera. The dancers won't feel embarrassed because we can not see who is dancing.

It is said that this dance lights attracted more than 81% of the pedestrians successfully, and they stopped and did not run the red light.