Fresh On The Market:LEDIA Refrigeration Lighting
- Mar 16, 2016 -

Refrigeration light is not just for illumination. With properly adjusted lighting, it can not only bring visual enjoyment to customers and stimulate consumption, but also can extend the shelf life of food and save energy cost.

With practical and innovative design, Ledia’s refrigeration lights provide customized lighting displays for meat, beverages, fruits and vegetables to make them appear fresher, more appealing and verdant.

6000K—— for general purpose lighting

12000K—— for beautifying the cold drinks

Red light 620K + White light 6000K 1:1 ——with the ratio of 1:1,for fresh meat


Product Introduction

1 Perfect lighting
Using SMD2835 LED chip, the high brightness with wide beam angle effectively enhances the visual effect in the application environment and makes the food inside the refrigerator more colorful.
2 Eyesight Protection
No flicker, no electromagnetic radiation, and eliminate visual fatigue.
3 Energy Saving and cost efficient
93% energy savings compared to incandescent light, 70% compared to CFL. High brightness: at the same wattage, the Freezer LED light is 2.5 times brighter than CFL and 7 times brighter than incandescent light. 
4 Long lifespan
30000 hours, which is 10 times of CFL or 25 times of incandescent light.

5 Low carbon emission and environmental friendly
No mercury, lead or any other heavy metal material.

6 National certification
CE, RoHS certification.