First Half Of LED Bustling Behind: Reflections On The Second Half Of
- Dec 12, 2015 -

First half of 2015 has already passed into history, with the development of LED light sources, lighting is a thousand sails compete, the industry's future is unpredictable. "Merger boom", "hot listed," "price boom" and "running boom," "leaving tidal" wave surging after another, dizzying, impressive.

Lighting enterprise development to must stage, for expanded scale benefits, some enterprise will select integration resources, constantly for merger; some enterprise will constantly increased market input and development input, then select listed financing; some enterprise for caters to subdivision market of needs, will constantly adjustment products programme, through products price preemption market share; some enterprise strength insufficient, industry shuffle process in the funds chain fracture, insolvent, eventually failed run; and some enterprise is will compression costs, and revenue, select layoffs......

LED lighting technology is in constant innovation and development, the product is in constant adjustments, product costs are changing. The second half of the lighting industry's "merger boom," "price boom" will also be intensified, lighting is only with constant research and innovation, market potential needs, find suitable for their own products, compression product line, rushed out of the crowd in the market segment, invincible.