Discussion On LED Street Lamp Power Works
- Dec 12, 2015 -

LED Street lamp power select (type of LED Street lamp power) proper selection is critical for the normal operation of mechanical equipment, electronic control systems. Select LED Street lamp power (LED Street lamp power of knowledge), we will take into account factors and points are many. Then, LED Street lamp power in the selection process, we have to consider those areas? many people may not understand. In view of this, small series by collecting information on selecting LED Street lamp power factor and summarized in detail the selected points.

Principles for selection of LED Street lamp power

First, according to the type of machinery and equipment, load torque characteristics, speed range, speed of static accuracy, starting torque and the use of environmental requirements, the second is deciding what control to choose LED lights power supply the most suitable and protective structure. Share is called meet the actual production of machinery and equipment requirements and applications under realization LED Street lamp power application of best value for money.

LED Street lamp power of selection factors to be considered

LED Street lamp power select speed, from the technological requirements, savings, payback period, such as all things considered. If only the technological requirements, savings are taken into account, choose the following frequency is more favourable:

1, according to the technical requirements, product line or a single piece of equipment needed by programs or adjust the motor speed according to the requirements.: package delivery system, according to the different varieties of products, need to change the transmission speed of the system, use the frequency control to enable simple speed control system, control is accurate and easy to implement program.

Variable-frequency adjustable-speed 2, instead of mechanical transmission.: machine tool, not only eliminates the complex gear transmission, also improve speed, meet the program requirements.

3, and with frequency adjustable speed instead of with gate or bezel adjustment flow for wind machine, pump, compressor,. for example: boiler Shang pump, blower, introduction wind machine implemented has frequency adjustable speed control, not only saves has servo zoom device, electric operation device, electric implementation device and water valve (or wind Board), and makes whole boiler boiler control system get has fast of dynamic response, high of control precision and stability.