Dimmable Down Light:Everything Under Your Control!
- Jun 01, 2016 -

The downlight is a luminary that is embedded into the ceiling, perfectly blending in with the environment and giving a sense of unity. The even light of the Down light gives the room a warm and pleasant atmosphere. With functionality and practicability combined, downlights has become the popular choice as a luminary in home furnishing.

Ledia Downlight: Intelligent dimming, control is in your hands

1.Philips LED  

High lumen, high quality and reliability. Universally recognized brand.

2.Intelligent dimming  

Dimmable between 5-100%, optimized to fully satisfy your dimming needs.


High color rendering index (CRI>90), which makes objects appear more alive and more natural.

4.Smooth lighting  

Evenly spread light with no beaming. Flicker-free driver protects your eyes from harm.

5. Certified testing and Inspection  

Regulations inspection approved by ETL and Energystar. Guaranteed product quality.


Living room, bedroom, office, school, hospital, hotel, supermarket, Indoor lighting places.