Decorative Home Lighting Is Important For Eye Care
- Dec 12, 2015 -

Crystal lighting how to maintain?

Crystal lighting has its origins in Europe, in the early 16th century "Renaissance" has been recorded in the period. Many people feel that Crystal lamps must match and continental furniture, jewelry, but lighting on the market combined with the Chinese national style crystal chandeliers.

Crystal lighting should pay attention to maintenance and cleaning, there are two: 1. to keep the chip long translucent crystal ball or water, to avoid smoke damage to the crystal chandeliers. 2. Crystal lighting cleaning can choose individually wash crystal ball or Crystal methods, such as trouble, can be sprayed on Crystal lighting professional cleaning agents, detergents in volatile process can take crystal ball or Crystal dust.

Quality selection: the lamp is equal to "low price"

Lighting price depends on many factors, "general lighting is a combination of metal and glass, with prices of materials determines the number, variety of lighting, lamp lighting has always been the first role is lit home of" eyes ", so when we choose lighting, quality close, you have to pay attention to the quality of the bulbs. "Deng yaohua said.

"Customers bought back lighting, likely to occur in the short term to change the light bulbs, which may be related to conditions of customer's own electricity. General conditions of electricity such as Shunde area has been complete, customers chose the good bulb, is long-term and fixed use. ”