City of Phoenix Plans Ahead of 90,000 Street and Parking Lights Upgrade
- Apr 08, 2016 -

The city of Phoenix in Arizona, U.S. is asking for public input on the appearance and use of energy-efficient LED technology for street and park lighting.


The city plans to replace in total 90,000 streetlights and parking lights with LEDs, which it projects would help the cut lighting energy consumption by 60%.


City officials estimate the new lights would cut the energy bill by $2 million per year, according to a Fox report.

The streetlights will cost between US $200 to $ 400 to replace, bringing the projected upgrade cost to more than $20 million.


The streetlight project will take at least two years to complete.


According to the city’s information published online, they are also considering the possibility of using smart streetlight system that is capable of obtaining accurate GIS data for luminaires with GPS technology.


Since this will be a huge streetlight project, The Phoenix Street Transportation and Parks & Recreation departments is conducting a survey to ensure they can get the upgrade right the first time.


Residents are encouraged provide input on LEDs through the online surveys available at  . The surveys are available in English and Spanish and scheduled to close on June 30, 2016.


Survey results and comments received from the public will be reviewed by the city's technical evaluation teams to help identify the types of LEDs that will be recommended for approval to upgrade the city's street and park lights.