Angel Of Sunshine:LEDIA's Plant-Growing Strip Light
- Jan 26, 2016 -


All living things depend on light. Hence LEDIA made it its mission to develop LED grow lights for agriculture, using light emitted by LED as an alternative to natural sunshine, to promote plant photosynthesis and to create a suitable lighting environment for plant growth. LEDIA presents its LED Plant-Growing Strip Light with specified wavelength spectrum suitable for plant growth, IP20/IP64/IP67 waterproof rating, high cost effectiveness, easy and diverse installation for your selection.


 LEDIA’s Plant-Growing Strip Light

This LED Plant-growing strip uses 660NM and 450NM 2835SMD LED, 1oz front and 2oz back FPCB board for flexible strip, and FR4 1oz PCB for rigid strip, with 12V, 24V, 30V DC optional power source.



Our LED Plant-Growing Strip Light has the following specifications and advantages:

1 High efficacy

  Using 2835SMD LED, with high luminous intensity, purity, consistency and efficacy.

2 Energy-Saving

  High power factor, 4 times energy saving than fluorescent lamp, and 10 times than sodium lamp.

3 Good heat dissipation, long lifespan

  Spectral tunability, high quality and low heating light source, long lifespan with over 30000hrs.

4 Most suitable Wavelength for plant growing

  Adopting Red light with 660NM wavelength, Blue light with 450NM wavelength, we have two Red-Blue rations (8:1 and 5:1) to be applied to different kinds of plants:
 5:1 for plants that flower and produce fruit
 8:1 for foliage plants and leafy vegetables

5 Safety and Reliability

  CE/RoHS certified, quality guaranteed.