Analysis Of Various Angles Of Outdoor Lighting
- Sep 05, 2017 -

     The built-in LED light source's stereo luminous word has the extremely good visual appeal, the color is soft, the dynamic effect is rich. At the same time, led use of low voltage operation, safe and reliable, in the service life and maintenance costs, relative to the neon lights and other light source has unparalleled advantages.Outdoor Lighting

     Compared with neon lights, LED light source dynamic light is not formed by the structure of the tube, but by separate control of the LED lamp lattice composition, so the change is extremely rich. Unlike light boxes, street signs and magnetic flip-flop passive light-emitting, led by a single point of active light, so the display effect more evenly. Using advanced communication control technology, LED light source dynamic luminous word system is controlled by the semiconductor circuit, so there is no possibility of mechanical failure like magnetic flip-flop. At the same time the control voltage between 5 to 12 volts, the use is quite safe.Outdoor Lighting

     The current neon word due to high power consumption, high failure rate and low light conversion rate of the shortcomings, can not be accepted by the vast number of customers. LED light source Dynamic luminous character with high luminous brightness, display effect gorgeous changeful, long life and very energy-saving characteristics, will be recognized by users in this field.Outdoor Lighting

     In simple terms, LED light source dynamic luminous word has several advantages: high brightness. The brightness of the product exceeds all other lighting equipment currently. Windproof, waterproof, dustproof, can run All-weather, not affected by adverse climatic conditions. Powerful visual impact. Rich colors, fonts, patterns, animations can be made at will. To replace traditional neon and other indoor and outdoor signs and lighting systems with flexible and changeable methods. Energy saving power, low operating costs. Product power consumption is small, only one-tenth of traditional neon lights.Outdoor Lighting

    Good advertising benefits. Dynamic combination of display, rich and varied display content, low operating costs, high security design and high service life, can greatly improve the investment rate of advertising investors, so that advertisers and advertisers through the limited funds, can deduce unlimited wonderful advertising content, So as to maximize the advantages of outdoor advertising media, the real realization of advertising investors and advertising users win.Outdoor Lighting