A Brand New Office! A Brand New Journey!
- May 19, 2016 -

In the beginning of May, employees of LEDIA moved into a brand new office! It symbolizes that we are stepping into a higher and broader stage in the history of our rapid development!

Comfortable and spacious reception desk.

High-tech meeting room.

A full floor of 3000 square meters office is divided into different functions and departments. Apart from the office area, it also covers a huge new modern show room, several high-tech meeting rooms, R&D laboratories, relaxing areas and a pantry for the employees... 

The office

Nice green view

The office upgrade is a big leap for Ledia as a company; it is proof of our rapid development. We believe the new working environment can help us further improve our services to our customers and partners, by providing more effective services and create more versatile products.

Music is played during the 10:30-10:45am and 4:00- 4:15pm time slot everyday to create an enjoyable and relaxing working environment for each employee. It helps to sweep away the pressure and tiredness. 

With the fast development of HONGLITRONIC Group, our dormitories are also being upgraded! The picture below shows the excitement as we move into our new dormitory!

In the future, LEDIA Lighting will continue to follow the vision of our enterprise: "LET EXCELLENCE DOMINATE”, and continuously develop new products, new technology, by creating more and more competitive and energy-saving LED lighting products for our customers.