A Bite Of LEDIA: Release Of Fresh Lights
- Sep 21, 2015 -

    The fresh produce area, occupying about 30% supermarket area, is the important part of supermarket. Fresh fruit, vegetables and meats stimulate customers’ appetite and motivate their desire to buy because of the attractive color, fragrance and flavor. As is reported, 80% customers would choose reliable supermarket on the basis of the freshness of fresh produce.

    In a word, your supermarket needs lights which boast high color rendering and high lumen output.


High color rendering

CRI>80 enhances the color rendering of fruit, vegetables and meats, making them look fresher.


        Normal light                                       Ledia CRI >80 Fresh Light


Perfect appearance


Attractive design, with surface undergoing special technology processing, LEDIA fresh light is excellent in decoration. The reflector color tailored to different application area, which can achieve great harmony of light and color.


Energy-saving, environmentally friendly and long lifespan

LED light source, free of ultraviolet radiation and low in thermal radiation, can reduce the damage of fresh produce resulting from thermal radiation and therefore avoid the rising selling cost whilst saving energy up to 65%.

Driver with UL certificate

With UL certified driver, it can be used all over the world.

Application Area


Fresh produce area in supermarket, fruit and vegetable franchise stores, fruit and vegetable area in agricultural trade market and so on.