2015 LED Market
- Dec 12, 2015 -

In 2014, LED like the Queen was left out of the market, many companies did not make money, but falling debt, some seemingly performance red enterprises have many difficulties, sales are up, but profits are like sand sieve, not much left. 2014 LED industry, as a whole, for nearly four years, was the most disastrous loss, most depression a year.

So, in 2015, LED what is the market?

Author is not a fortune teller, nor prophets, predict trends to 2015 cannot be taken for granted, of course, the author I actually hate the most disgusted so-called predicted. Stock market experts ' predictions are often lies concealed trap, trusting experts predict shareholders will be stuck. Author here just wanted to against the 2014 LED market, and the present status of the LED industry, to talk about his own views.

I believe that in 2015, LED market remains very weak in the first quarter. This is because the market lacked the necessary stimulus. As the end of 2014, when many businesses will have a small peak at the end of, such as festivals, celebrations, decorations, decorating, commercial lighting, and more good news will stimulate the market, setting off a consumption campaign. But it's not the truth. By the end of 2014, with the Government on various projects (including street lighting, holiday lighting engineering) control strengthening, and the provisions of the Government continues to promote thrift, thought magnify the market did not boom as scheduled by the end of, but appeared tepid "warm water" fantasy earned points by the end of the Government's "red envelope" money business hopes. Even more frightening is that LED market has not heated up because of the arrival of the Spring Festival, but was falling as cold winters. This situation will continue until March after the Spring Festival.

While the second quarter is not too optimistic. You may recall in 2014 after the Spring Festival, LED ceiling lamps home lighting set off a small climax. Everyone is optimistic that home lighting spring came, as home lighting is a pioneer in home lighting and prosperity, will certainly lead to the prosperity of the commercial lighting, commercial lighting and led lighting project. Result, the ceiling lamp market fire in less than a month, take a bubble just like the water disappeared. Second quarter of 2015. Because so far, signs of recovery in the domestic real estate market has not, the entertainment industry, the hotel industry is still continuing depression in anti-corruption operations, in addition to sporadic acts of consumption in the domestic market, is hard to find large potential markets.