Frankfurt Lighting Beyond The Lighting
- Mar 23, 2016 -


On March the 18th, after six wonderful days the Frankfurt Light&Building technology fair has come to an end. For every two years, 2500 exhibitors from all over the world have come to show off their products, and with more than 200 000 visitors attending the event.

The theme of this year’s fair is “The modern space for future directions, digital, personal, interconnection”. The message of this theme is that through industrial technologies we can make buildings more energy efficient and make life more convenient. The exhibition has two main objectives: To display the latest products, technologies and design trends. Furthermore it puts importance on the impact that light brings to the human physiology and psychology. 

The design of LEDIA’s product series also presents new trends in lighting: We have shifted our focus from just "lamps" to further focusing our attention on "lighting effects”, with more focus on lighting color temperature, light distribution, angle controls, light glare treatment and other details; At the same time, we have also been more dedicated in the material selection and in the manufacturing process, paying more attention to the texture of the product.

High Brightness LED Module

LED Shop Light

Linear High Bay Light


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