LEDIA Makes A Hot Scene On HK Lighting Fair! Don’t Miss Out!
- Oct 29, 2015 -


On October 27-30, Hong Kong International Lighting Fair was heat-on!

Guests and customers from everywhere in the world are gathered on LEDIA Lighting Booth 3D-E08!




Our marvelously decorated booth stand has brought perfect visitor experience

to our guests and customers! The right illumination effect has created amazing

lighting environment and mood! In the fair during October 27-30,

we will also showcase for the first time our next generation hot product-super

cost-effective LED Pendant Light in the fair! Don’t miss it!

Super Cost Effective Model-Economical Pendant Light



·Offices, work stations, basement parking lots
·Chained stores, retail stores and commercial lighting
·Exhibition, library and museum lighting
·Hospital lighting, restaurant lighting, kitchen lighting, display lighting


Apart from new launches, hot selling products will be also displayed,

such as T8 tube, panel light, vapor tight light, high bay light,

RGB strip light, neon strip light and LED module. Don’t miss it!

In order to see more new market trends, please come to visit LEDIA Lighting at 3th Floor 3D-E08!