【2015-10 Canton Fair】A Great Achievement
- Oct 24, 2015 -


      In 19th October, the 118th China Import and Export fair—light fair successfully ended and Ledia attains a great achievement.            

Great achievement
      As the longest, the highest level and the best effective international comprehensive trading fair, the LED light company were favored by suppliers and purchasers from all over the world, which suggested the prosperity of the LED light market. During the period of Canton fair, the elaborate layout and superior products attracted clients from home and abroad.
     In the autumn canton fair, the cost-effectively environment-friendly products draw an eye of audiences, especially the ballast-compatible tube, panel light, plant light and module from Ledia.


Let excellence dominate

      The products of Ledia light is well-liked by people because of technological innovation and energy conservation. In the booth, the sales elites have a talk with foreign purchasers, concerning product quality, supply and after-sale service. Ledia is recommended to new clients by a lot of old customers, which show the popularity of Ledia in the overseas market.
      Ledia light is focus on Led light and let the customers enjoy themselves so much as to forget to leave with high-end product, excellent design concept and superior team, demonstrating strong brand calling and corporate strength.