【2015-06 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition】The Great Universe
- Jun 15, 2015 -

14:00 12th June, 2015 The Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition(Guangya Exhibition) with a duration of 4 days comes to a successful end. Do not ask where I come from, because I will let you know.

Booth No.2.1 A2.7 in the Guangzhou Pazhou International Exhibition center is the place where Ledia Lighting shines itself.

If you meet me at the corner, I wish you would be attracted by my bright inside.

When passing by, you must stop your pace for the fabulously gorgeous strip lights. The moment you stopped; it's the beginning of the two of us.

It is said man from downtown is well-informed of entertainment. But it is not true if you do not know the intellectual dimmable high bay light. This high bay light manufactured by Ledia Lighting differentiates itself from its 1-10V dimmable counterparts for its intellectual function. It is totally intellectually dimmable from extinction to 100% brightness.

If you agree that light is life, life is held in your hands within control. Ledia Lighting introduces intellectual street light in the Exhibition. As long as you have a mobile phone which can connect with the Internet, you can control the whole community or even the entire town. This street light can make your dream of being an overbearing CEO come true, for it can provide you the chances to control the brightness of the street lights whenever and wherever you want.

Everyone has great or minor curiosity which can be satisfied today by Ledia Lighting. Our omnipotent engineers elaborate an explosion picture of our panel which can make you learn how Ledia Lighting achieves the most harmonious beaming uniformity. But when you are attracted by the picture, please remember to raise your head to have a look of our panels!

Polarised tunnel light harmoniously demonstrates the comfort of the tunnel light. No needs to worry the harms of glare when entering the tunnel. You can feel satisfactory security when driving in the tunnel adopting our tunnel lights.

If you want to learn more, contact us! We will arrange exclusive introduction for you!