【2015-05 Thailand Lighting Fair】 I Am A Cloud In The Sky
- May 26, 2015 -

Ledia reported: From May 21st to May 24th, Ledia attracted the attention from the people all over the world in the land of Thailand away from Guangzhou about 1800km.

It just likes the cloud in the sky,
A chance shadow on the wave of your heart.
--without any precaution and without a trace of apprehension, it appears as it did.
Don't be surprised, or too elated
In an instant it shall vanish without trace.

We meet in the corner
You on your way, I on mine
Even though we were strangers, passers-by, we still felt each other,
A look, a heartbeat and an unexpected delight.

Remember if you will, or, better don't forget
The light exchanged in this encounter.

                  --about 2015 Ledia Thailand lighting fair, Adapted by Chance by C·H·Hsu and In my song by Wanting Qu.