【2015-05 Thailand EXPO】Sparks Fly In LED Hot Land -Thailand
- May 15, 2015 -

As to Thailand,what is the first word in your brain?  Sawadika, ladyboy, Thai Boxing, Bangkok, Wat Sai Floating Market….

Since you are aware of those words above, then how do you think of the role of Bangkok in lighting industry of Thailand? During 21th -24th in May, 2015 Thailand International Lighting EXPO will be held in IMPACT international EXPO center in Bangkok. It is the most influential lighting industry EXPO in Thailand as well as in southeast of Asia. And the Ledia Lighting and its group Honglitronic will attend the EXPO.

When we talk about Thailand's lighting EXPO, I feel excited. And I learnt something about Thailand from internet.

It is tropical monsoon climate in Thailand. There are three periods :hot, rainy, dry. Temperature in average is 24-30℃. Normally, the temperature is above 18℃,and the amount of precipitation per year is about 1000mm. Thailand's  rainy days always start in May, and the highest temperature is 34℃。

Oh! Raining, hot, and water traffic……seem funny.(Eh… we are a bit off).
 Em, Ledia Lighting expects meeting with you in beautiful Thailand and let the sparks fly. Please remember our Booth: G14 Hall 3.

PS:21th-24th in May, we expect your presence in Thailand lighting EXPO with the high effective and energy saving LED tube light, LED panel light, LED bulbs and led street light ……