【2015-04 Canton Fair】It's Just Because I Cast Another Glance At You In The Crowd
- Apr 16, 2015 -

Yesterday (April 15th ,2015 )is the first day of Canton Fair, LEDIA buddy in sales department begin the first adorable day.

In the vast sea, where can I find my Mr. right? What should I do, so that I can recognize you are the one I am waiting for?

I'd like glow to make you can find me since I can't find you.

Or, super cheap price temptation~~

Or maybe play my trump card by "S".


Wow, it is quite effective.

Leave customer information, facilitate our collaboration in future, well done~

Fate bringing people together from a thousand miles away, I believe you are the my destiny !

We come from different places , but now we become close friends.

Who said victory sign is dedicated sign for Asian girls? I didn't agree! Our foreign customer is also very adorable when make a victory gesture.

At last, enclose two Guangzhou sweet sunset picture, sunset infinite good.

2015 canton Fair is in progress, LEDIA Lighting is shining on Hall 12.2, D15-D16, B area. Waiting for you there!