【2014-12 Toronto IIDEX Show】LEDIA Debut On Toronto IIDEX Show
- Dec 05, 2014 -


During 3-4th, Dec, LEDIA Lighting made its official debut on Toronto IIDEX show with high quality DLC/CUL LED panel light, LED tube and LED strips; as one of the few representatives of Chinese manufacturers, LEDIA attracted a lot of attention from local customers, especially the east coast area, who showed great interest in our products. Through this great experience, LEDIA got to know the market and customer request much better and will soon come up with more products to match the market need.


In addition, showing together with local big furniture, design, as well as lighting companies, we got to know more about the importance of unique design and beautiful light, we will work hard as usual to offer some unique product to the market and we are also confident that we can find our strong business partner for this market in the near future..