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  • SAA LED Tube

    Contact NowSAA LED TubeSAA LED Tube  Item    numberLD-TL-TUV28A0006/LD-TL-TUV28A0009/LD-TL-TUV28A0012/LD-TL-TUV28A0015Product    size0.6M/0.9M/1.2M/1.5MPower    consumption9W/13W/18W/22WInput voltagRead More2015-09-29

  • UL LED Tube

    Contact NowUL LED TubeItem number LD-TL-UL28A0006/LD-TL-UL28A0009/LD-TL-UL28A0012/LD-TL-UL28A0015 Product size 0.6M/0.9M/1.2M/1.5M Power consumption 9W/13W/18W/22WRead More2015-08-25

  • CE LED Tube

    Contact NowCE LED TubeCE LED TubeItem numberLD-TL-T8PW0142-0145/LD-TL-T8PW0187-0188/LD-TL-T8WW0139-0142/LD-TL-T8WW0182-0183/LD-TL-T8MW0140-0143 LD-TL-T8MW0185-0186Product size0.6M/0.9M/1.2M/1.5MPower consumption9W/13W/18W/22WInput vRead More2015-09-29

  • Smart T8 LED Tube

    Contact NowSmart T8 LED TubeProduct Introduction:LED TUV T8 tube light With 900mm 13W and CE&RoSH,TUV Certification,LED Tube,new design,light efficiency,high color rendering,high-quality aluminiumshell,use quality SMD chip,factoRead More2015-08-25

  • TUV LED Tube

    Contact NowTUV LED TubeProduct Introduction:4G TUV T8 LED tube light With 1200mm 15W and CE&RoSH, TUV&GRP Certification, LED Tube, new design, light efficiency,high color rendering,high-quality aluminiumshell, use quality SRead More2015-08-25

  • T8 Tube

    Contact NowT8 TubeTotally flicker free, flicker index0.9, THD<18%✔ 1/2 PC + 1/2 AluRead More2016-06-20

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