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  • TUV LED Panel Light

    Contact NowTUV LED Panel LightTUV Panel LightApplicable in indoor environment such as office, school, hospital, hotel, factory, supermarket etc.Read More2016-04-29

  • UL LED Panel Light

    Contact NowUL LED Panel LightProduct Introduction:Our ultra-slim LED light panels (only 11mm thickness) provide an amazing amount of light from an area light source, using patented light guide control techniques, combined with veRead More2015-08-25

  • ETL LED Panel Lihgt

    Contact NowETL LED Panel LihgtETL LED Panel Light      Item    numberLD-PN-D030-SD, LD-PN-D030-SX,    LD-PN-D036-SD, LD-PN-D036-SX,LD-PN-D054-RD, LD-PN-D054-RX, LD-PN-D065-RD, and    LD-PN-D065Read More2015-09-29

  • SAA LED Panel Lihgt

    Contact NowSAA LED Panel LihgtSAA LED Panel Light      Item    numberLD-PN-600PW011, LD-PN-600MW011,    LD-PN-600WW011, LD-PN-300PW007, LD-PN-300MW007, LD-PN-300WW007,    LD-PN-600PW012, Read More2015-09-29

  • CE LED Panel Lihgt

    Contact NowCE LED Panel LihgtCE LED Panel Light Item number LD-PN-300XX0YY, LD-PN-600XX0YY(“XX”denotes LED color, may be PW, WW or MW; “YY” denote serial number).Read More2015-09-29

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